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About Me

Namaste, welcome to my site. I am a daughter, wife and mother and most importantly a modern Indian woman who loves to live her life on her own terms. I love to observe the daily ongoing of life around us and spin my own satirical versions of the same from my view. Like Karna from the Mahabharata in reverse, my core family including my parents, husband (Karthik) and daughter (Maanvi) had to start wearing kavach/jackets to tolerate my arrows of truth striking everywhere, sometimes even pricking myself in the process. This website is a small step to share real-life nuances of women empowerment in a fun and satirical way.

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About Chakra of Truth

The Chakra of Truth symbolizes self-expression and speaking the absolute truth. This is a platform for sharing our honest experiences as modern Indian women who navigate through ups and downs of everyday life while continuing to keep our heads held high and not compromising on our dreams. Our society is very diverse, and it will take more years to truly achieve equality amongst all genders in thoughts and actions. How about we make it a fun adrenaline-filled ride until then? Let us challenge conservative thoughts, call it out and have a laugh through the ride. Let us understand from each other’s experiences on dealing with the sudden twists and turns without heart burn and high blood pressures and enjoy the journey together. On a spiritual level, the Chakra of Truth also refers to the Visuddha Chakra or the Chakra of Throat which plays an important role in channelizing your true feelings and expressing yourself creatively to the world. Let us balance the Throat energy and let it out with or without filters. 

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